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    Send vCal Object via SMS as bodytext

    Hi !
    I try to use the SendUI Classes to send vCal objects over all types of Messages as Attachements.
    As SMS do not support Attachements I want to convert the vCal Object into the bodytext of the SMS message.

    Everything I try fails, and I do not know how to go further.I saw at the Calendar App the Phone ( Series 60 ) that if the Object is sent as vCal over SMS it is sent as Textrepresentation in a parsed (localized) way.
    How to do that ?

    Thx a lot, for a answer

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    Basically you just need to construct vCal type of biomessage. I'm not really sure could you use SendUI for doing so.

    I haven't even had any use for bio messageing so far, so don't ask me how you should do it, anyway I remember seeing some examples & documents about the subject in download section, so go there and maybe you'll find something that you could work with.


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