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    Program closed ChildInstaller


    I have experimented a little with MIDlets and my Nokia 6600. Now I suddenly have the problem that when I try to install a new MIDlet, the Installer stalles with the message "Program closed ChildInstaller".
    Can anyone tell me the solution? I have tried to format my memorycard, with no effect.

    I still don't know the cause for the problem, but now I know the solution anyway. Somewhere (I forgot where) on the internet I found an article describing how to reset the phone to factory default.

    Please backup all your information before following this advice!

    1. Switch off the phone.
    2. Press and hold <Send>, <*> and <3> while turning on the phone.
    3. Release the keys when the message "Formating" is shown in the display.
    4. When formating is complete, the phone is as good (and empty) as new.

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