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    Question about Nokia Series 60 SDK

    I have ordered Nokia Series 60 SDK v0.2 and installed it. I couldn't buy Windows NT4.0 only because of this application and maybe that is the reason why I have all this problems. If that is the reason, I apologize for this. I have also downloaded the Servicepack for the SDK.
    I realised that some tools had not been installed. In the help file I have found information about MEAD, but I have only Sisar and AIF Builder installed (in start menu). I tried to run MEAD from the command promt, but the folowing message appeared:
    "Sorry Jar file C:\SYMBIAN\6.1\SHARED\EPOC32\TOOLS\mead\mead.jar does not exist"

    When I try to build new project with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 I receive error mesages. Everything works fine until I press the Finish button in the Wizard. Then I get 3 error messages:
    "Cannot find the file 'cmd.exe' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available"
    "C:\Symbian\6.1\Series 60\epoc32\build\....path....\NAME\group\NAME\wins\NAME.dsw The specified project could not be inserted into the current workspace."
    "Failed to open workspace: 0x8004a004"
    The SDK is excellent (*****) and it's very nice of you to send it free of charge but I'll need more time to finish my application. Maybe I will not be able to do it before March 31st because I have been traing to solve this problems myself.

    Posted by Krunoslav Ive?i, krunoi@vip.hr
    on March 10, 2002 at 21:21

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    RE: Question about Nokia Series 60 SDK

    Posted by Etienne Richelle, clevering@club-internet.fr
    on March 12, 2002 at 20:27

    We can hope that Metrowerks is doing the same kind of fantastic job than for PalmOS CodeWarrior.

    In the meantime, your should created the project tree with the VC++ Wizard, then you compile with the DOS BATCH tools (see in the SDK documents "Symbian OS v6.1 Edition for C++ Tools And Utilities Build Tools Guide How to use the Symbian build process". Then you have a DSW file in the "C:\Symbian\6.1\Series 60\epoc32\build\....", this is the one you have to open back with VC++.

    Then the fun starts, Good luck !

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