I just bought yesterday a Nokia 7250i and I was playing with the Nokia PC Suite 5.16.

I got some midi's and converted them to Sp-Midi. Now, the option to upload any to the phone is ghosted. At this point, the Nokia Connection Manager is communicating through IrD with the phone, and sucessfully identifying it as a Nokia 7250i.

With the phone connected by IrD and sucessfully identified, I cannot see it in the Nokia Browser either.

So: I cannot copy to my PC the photos I take, and I cannot upload ringtones that I make. And I haven't even tried to install a Java app yet, because I suspect it won't work too (I got some apps I made).

Still, I CAN copy phone contents and synchronize to Outlook without problems. So, am I doing something wrong in the browser and ringtone apps ? Does the PC Suite not work too good with the 7250i yet ?
One point I have to try. The lapton where I installed Nokia Suite had the Alcatel Suite too. Maybe it could be conflicting.

Many thanks in advance