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    Serial and NotifyDataAvailable


    I have made serial connection application to receive and transmit data through the serialport.
    Now I need method which notfies me, when data has arrived to Rx buffer so I do not have to poll it all the time.

    I have tried to use "NotifyDataAvailable" method without success.

    here is part of code:

    class Serial: public RComm {
    void NotifyDataAvailable(TRequestStatus& aStatus) const; // Virtual ???

    void Serial::Init () {

    Serial::writeData() {

    void Serial::close() {

    void Serial::NotifyDataAvailable(TRequestStatus& aStatus) const
    do something when data is available to read

    I´m not sure is this allowed.
    Does anybody have any idea what is the best way to do this

    tnx: Hamssi

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    Re: Serial and NotifyDataAvailable

    Got any answers???

    i'm stucked in same situation...

    if you have some clue.. please let me know....please...

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