Does anyone know if this developer tool work for the Nokia 9210?

CodeWarrior Development Tools for Symbian OS? Professional Edition
Version 1.0

CodeWarrior development tools for Symbian OS? Professional Edition are Symbian's choice for the Symbian OS and Symbian-supported devices. It?s the essential toolset for developing advanced applications for wireless information devices based on the Symbian OS v7.x

With native C/C++ and Java? support, plus the award-winning CodeWarrior integrated development environment (IDE), CodeWarrior development tools for Symbian OS provide everything to get applications to market quickly. The IDE includes an editor, project manager, compiler, linker, emulator and debugger. These capabilities, combined with Metrowerks? expertise in the wireless market, make CodeWarrior the obvious choice for Symbian OS application development.


Develop, debug and compile C, C++ and Java applications within the same IDE for enhanced productivity.
Supports Symbian OS multi-stage build structures, which enables larger, more complex projects to be built in less time.
CodeWarrior allows device specific SDKs to be ?plugged in? to support multiple Symbian OS platforms.
Command-line adapters for the Symbian targeted GCC compilers, reducing development time.
Support for three ARM ABI?s- ARM4, ARMI, and Thumb.
Symbian-device debugging through GDB.


Posted by Ioi Lam,
on March 19, 2002 at 16:06