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    Http In Nokia 7650 - ConnectionsEventServer

    Im developing a MIDlet that uses a HTTPconnection
    The MIDlet worked fine on NOKIA Series_60 emulator
    and work fine on 7210 device
    When running on 7650 device most of the time i get error:
    and very few times it's work ok.
    The server get the http request .

    httpConnection = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(url);
    /*in the client side i get the error after this line and the app is closed*/

    int rc = httpConnection.getResponseCode();

    but i can see in the server access log that the response code is http_ok(200)

    (I am making HttpConnection in separate thread.
    I am using an Internet GPRS access point.
    I am not using HTTP property "IF-Modified-Since". )

    can someone send me httpConnection source code that works on nokia 7650?

    I need help

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