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    D211 simultaneous use of GPRS and WLAN modes (no switching)

    Hello Nokia_D211_Support,

    Is there a new version of the driver/firmware/utility/SDK that supports the simultaneous use of GPRS and WLAN modes with no switching? I have heard that some solution exists.

    I have an application that is getting very poor performance in Win2000 SP4 and WinXP SP1 from the D211 due to the switching between modes. The application was developed using the ¡°latest¡± D211 SDK (v10).

    Ultimately, the use of the D211 as the ¡°card of choice¡± for this application will need to be revisited if this problem persists. I have not found a solution on the Nokia site.

    Hopefully, the solution already exists. Please respond ASAP.


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    Hello Douglas,

    We have answered concerning this issue already in this forum but here is the answer.

    Using both radios simultaneously violates the product's European R&TTE certificate. Furthermore, the product has the same integrated antenna for both radios. Using both radios at the same time would decrease the antenna performance. Also power consumption might get too high for the PCMCIA slot in some laptops and PDAs.

    There is no guarantee that the card or the host device withstand the simultaneous operation of the both radios.

    Nokia D211 Support

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