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    Problem with Mobile Browser

    Hi everybody

    Here's my problem:
    I installed NMIT 4.0 and I can only open local files now :-(
    I can't visit wap sites.

    what I do is:
    1. I start the Nokia wap gateway simulator
    2. I start the Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0
    3. I go to FILE/LOAD URL and I type for Example "http://google.com"

    Allthough my firewall says that "nwgs.exe" tries to connenect to google.com and then "nmb.exe" tries to connect to, but nothing happens in the browser window.

    If I turn off the firewall and try the same, in the Nokia Mobile Browser window comes the following message:

    "Cannon load http://google.com HTTP Error 502 Bad Gataway)"

    what does it mean? is this the gateway which can be defined in the settings of the mobile browser? The current WAP gateway is set to default. I also tried to set it as a custom setting but it won't work like that either.

    if you have any idea what to do, help me please.
    thanks in advance and all the best

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    I've just found the solutions:

    it's about the slash after the url

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    thanks for letting us know

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    I one two day for this stupid /

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