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    D211CTL.EXE Handle counts increases


    While trying to make a tool which receives sms from the D211 card using your SDK, I found out the following:

    When you create a IPC handle (and close it) the handle count will increase for the D211CTL.EXE application.

    I needed to build a com-object to use your sdk in Borland C++ Builder cause I simply can't use the Visual C++ libraries for builder.

    In this com-object I created some functions that handled sms messages, but just for my convenience I created a named pipe for every function call (and closed it at the end of the function).

    To my surprise, the handle count for D211CTL.EXE exceeded 450000 handles in a week or so.

    It seems to me that you're not freeing the handle in the IPCCloseHandle function.

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