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    device driver for XP ?


    I am attempting to write a VB application which will connect with my 3300 mobile phone. I am having trouble running the sample applications with the Connectivity SDK 3.0 . For example, when I attempt to run the SMS_Settings application the following error occurs - Error : 7690 in querying SMS setting .

    Is it due to a driver problem. I did not receive any installation disc with the phone and have failed to find nokia XP drivers on the Web. XP recognises the phone as being the Nokia 3300 USB device. Any ideas ?



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    Yes, use a search engine and type "Nokia DKU-2 cable driver download" !

    Save that for the future, I found the driver for you:

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    3300 device driver for XP

    Hi Zamba,

    thanks for the drive link

    However, still having the same problem. I installed the driver as directed and restarted the computer. But when I connect my device to the DKU 2 cable , XP is still loading a USB Mass Storage Device (Nokia 3300a USB device) which allows me to access the 3300 through the drive icon XP placed in My Computer.

    I still cannot connect to the device using examples from the Connectivity SDK ( tried both version 2.1 and 3.0) and the nokia pc suite is also unable to connect.

    I am using Windows XP (Home Edition) SP 1 .

    Any ideas ?

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    device driver for XP

    it is not a driver problem. the dku-2 cannot access the gallery only the mmc.

    if you want to access the gallery you can use FBUS cables.

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