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Thread: Help please!

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    Help please!

    I keep getting always the same mistake... i am using Jbuilder9 Enterprise with J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0_01 and the Series 60 Symbian OS 1.2.1.

    I always get this...

    :\programas\wtk20\bin\emulator.exe -Xdevice:Series_60_MIDP_SDK_for_Symbian_OS_v_1_2_1 -Xdescriptor:"C:\Documents and Settings\PirrA\jbproject\arkanoid\arkanoid.jad"
    WARNING: Attribute value for MicroEdition-Profile defined in JAR manifest is not supported.

    Emulator command: C:\programas\wtk20\wtklib\devices\Series_60_MIDP_SDK_for_Symbian_OS_v_1_2_1\bin\Series_60_MIDP_SDK_for_Symbian_OS_v_1_2_1\epoc32\release\wins\udeb\kmidp_debug.exe -parent_port 2810 -classpath c:\tmp\midp\arkanoid.jar -descriptor c:\tmp\midp\arkanoid.jad Main

    ALERT: Error verifying class SplashScreen$CountDown

    Example of the SplashScreen CountDown..

    private void dismiss(){

    private class CountDown extends TimerTask {
    public void run(){

    "prox" is a FullCanvas and is intended to be the next display!

    So what could i be doing wrong here?

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    K i have been able to pass that part... i think it was all problem in SDK!

    But now i keep getting this...

    ALERT: Error verifying class Nivel

    Compiling gives no errors only gives error on execute in Series 60 MIDP SDK 0.30 for nokia

    What could cause this??


    public class Nivel{
    private int numTijolos;
    private Tijolo[] tijolo;
    private Raquete raquete;
    private int width;
    private int height;

    public Nivel(int width, int height, int numTijolos){
    this.raquete = new Raquete(3,height-10,30,5,Cor.gray);

    tijolo = new Tijolo[numTijolos];
    if (numTijolos>=0){
    tijolo[0] = new Tijolo(10,10,width/10,height/30,Cor.blue);
    for (int aux=1; aux<numTijolos; aux++){
    tijolo[aux] = new Tijolo((aux*width/10)+10,(aux*height/30)+10,width/10,height/30,Cor.blue);

    public int getNumTijolos(){
    return numTijolos;

    public Tijolo getTijolo(int num){
    return tijolo[num];

    public Raquete getRaquete(){
    return raquete;

    In Nokia 7250 it says Aplication Error : Java/Lang/Classnotfound Exception - Main

    Please try to help!
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