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    On GPRS why 6600 can not play streaming while PC using Nokia D211 can?

    Hi, we are testing streaming on nokia 6600 now, but there are some problems.

    We use 6600 and PC with Nokia D211, both via connecting GPRS, to test the same URL, for example, http://www.medialab.sonera.fi/worksp...sickaista.ram.

    PC can play the video all right, but mobile phone always fail. Firstly, RealOnePlayer will be launched up and say "Connecting", then "Loading" and show the video title and content length like "0:00/1:03", but after some time it will pop up a dialog and say "Can not connect to server, server time out".

    It seems some RTSP messages have been exchanged between 6600 and server. But we do not know what is the barrier blocking 6600 playing the streaming?

    Does anyone have tested streaming on 6600? Any help and suggestions please?!

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    I noticed that you encode the video stream to RealVideo 9. That's not supported in Nokia 6600. You have to use either RealVideo/RealAudio 7 or 8.

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