hi, everybody,
I am a newbie on symbian development.
I downloaded series 60 SDK 2.0 for
symbian OS supporting borland c++
builder 6. I have installed Borland C++
Builder X personal edition. I also installed
series 60 SDK.

I want to built classic helloworld example
code to verify all development
environment. so I changed directory
to helloworld and key in:

\> bldmake bldfiles <enter>

Its OK.

I key in follow command:

\> abld build winsb udeb<enter>

result is
Fatal: Unable to open file 'C0EPOCD.OBJ'

I think its must missed file C0EPOCD.OBJ

I searhed my all harddisk but did not
find it.

Who can resolve the problem?