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    Dialing on emulator

    I was writing some code based on the DialerAppUi.cpp, but my emulator software continued to fall, so I had to investigate and fix the trouble. During the investigation, some questions are hard to understand, need help.
    Question 1: I failed to catch the trouble with TRAPD, it always simply fall, what does it mean?
    Question 2: What does "has exited with code 199972 (0x30D24)" mean, what type of error is this?
    Question 3: When I get the phone line info by the RPhone.GetLineInfo function, it returns -1 in iStatus (what status is this, btw?) and 24051676 in iLineCapsFlags, what flags are these, where's the info on 'em?

    Is it possible to test dialer functionality on the emulator?

    Thanks for the attention.

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    Comments on flags

    Known to me flags are:

    KCapsUnknown 1
    KCapsData 2
    KCapsFaxClassOne 4
    KCapsFaxClassOnePointZero 8
    KCapsFaxClassTwo 16
    KCapsFaxClassTwoPointZero 32
    KCapsFaxClassTwoPointOne 64
    KCapsVoice 128
    KCapsEventModemDetection 65536
    KCapsStealCommPort 131072

    if iLineCapsFlags is the bitwise combination of these, how it is far more greater than 200000? Are there any other flags? Sorry for misunderstanding.

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