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Thread: On time MIDlet

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    On time MIDlet

    I'm desiging a MIDlet that work as an Electronic Reminder ..

    It's gives an Alert (Beep) at certain times that are given by the mobile user ...

    How can I achieve that ? (i,e, if the user set the time to be 12:00 P.M., then it's automatically start it self and Beeping ?? )
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    With MIDP 2.0 you can use the Push Registry. But you need a MIDP 2.0 device for that!
    With MIDP 1.0, the only way to accomplish something like that would be to keep the MIDlet running in the background all the time and checking the time in a loop or something. Again, on most phones this won't be possible (keep a MIDlet running in the background). Maybe on Symbian phones it can be done, but I do remember a thread here (search the forum) that said there were problems with it.


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