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    Nokia6600 bugs, Nokia please respond


    I'm facing a lot of MIDP2.0 bugs on the Nokia6600:
    - Alert Item does not work properly
    - Manager.getSystemTimeBase().getTime() returns ms instead of microseconds

    My latest problem is that an item with the Button-look makes the MIPD application crash. I took an original demo-application from the Sun MIDP2 development kit and it had the same problem.

    In this forum I also see that a lot of other developers face problems with real Nokia devices.

    I would expect that the least you can do before you claim to have an MIDP2.0 compliant phone is testing whether the Sun reference applications work. Obviously they haven't done that and I really am pissed about that because I spend a lot of money in getting an MIDP2.0 compliant phone. As a developer I can understand it a little bit. However, for normal users it will really be frustrating. They buy a java-phone and as soon a they buy a java-program they will face problems. This is the way to destroy the MIDP market.

    Does Nokia put attention to this?
    Does Nokia have a PR database we can submit our PRs in?
    I hope that new firmware will solve some issues.
    How can I get a new firmware update?

    Kind regards,

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    pissed too

    i have spend more than 10 hours to find the error!

    i have also used an StringItem as a button and after i had comment out the stringItem's setDefaultCommand the prog started.

    1.: my boss is waiting for the program and i am the idiot to tell him why i spend so much time on this!

    2.: it is my diploma thesis and i could spend the time on writing it, my professor is waiting for this

    a stressed student
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    this doc might at least convince your boss/tutor that you're not making things up

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