i'm new to Symbian development and I just installed VC++ 6, Series 60 SDK 2.0 ... I also installed the EPOC toolbar.

Now I created a new skeleton and added a custom class. When I try to build my app I get an linker error. I figured, that my own class is not included in the makefile.

So I figured that would be the point where the toolbar comes in handy. But unfortunatly the execution aborts with a message: "Failed to execute 'devices.exe -default' (CreateProcess)". What would be the reason for this error? On the command prompt I can execute devices, and I also have a default device set (since I only have one SDK installed that should be obvious).

On a second try I created a second class using the toolbar (EPOC Class Wizard), but that fails with the same error-message. But the .cpp and .h files get created alright, as well gets the .mpp file updated. So after running a "abld makefile vc6" on the command prompt I can compile my app using VC6 alright.

Any help would really be appreciated.