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    Hi...Running a MIDlet on the Nokia 6610

    I am developing a project for my college and my MIDlet application development is over ... now we need a method thru which its functionality can be demostrated on the Nokia 6610.
    Can anyone help me in achieving this ?
    Sorry if this turns out to be a repeated question ! But the other specification given in are really confusing ha and forgot to mention I have a IrDA Port so now how do I go about downloading and deploying the application ...?

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    If you haven't already, you may want to test the MIDlet using the Nokia 7210 SDK emulator... it will give you a much more accurate impression of how your MIDlet will work on a 6610 (6610 and 7210 are very similar).

    Transfer should(!) be fairly easy if your PC has an IrDA port. Hopefully, your phone was supplied with a CD, from which you can install the Nokia Application Installer. Install this, and read the documentation. You will need to configure the connection for IrDA (it does cable and bluetooth as well, depending on the phone). Configuration is usually achieved by double-clicking the "phone" icon in your Windows systray (by the clock in the bottom-left of the screen), which should appear once the Nokia suite is installed and running.

    To install correctly, the JAR must be less that 64k, and the parameters in the JAD and MANIFEST file must be exactly right as specified in the WTK documentation. If the application runs on the 7210 emulator, but won't run when installed on the device, check that your MicroEdition-Profile parameter in the application's MANIFEST is MIDP-1.0 - the phone will reject anything labelled as MIDP-2.0.

    Good luck!


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