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Thread: Using ETel Core

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    Using ETel Core


    Here is a question from a newbie. This is my very first application for a Series 60 device in C++. I am implementing a application similar to an Answering machine, which will have to:
    1. Wait for an incoming call.
    2. Answer the call when it arrives (By playing a .wav)
    3. Record
    4. Hangup.

    The following is the logic that is used in my program.
    1. Define a class derived from CActive
    2. Implement the Constructors / Destructors appropriately. I am calling the DoCancel in the destructor.
    3. Implement the IssueRequest member function. The IssueRequest does the following operations
    ->Connect to RTelServer instance.
    ->Load Phone module.
    ->Get Phone info
    ->Open phone device
    ->Get Line info
    ->Open line
    ->Call NotifyIncomingCall on the line object

    All the calls till NotifyIncomingCall return 0 as the completion code. But NotifyIncomingCall returns (-2147483647).

    Can anyone let me know:
    1. If there is anything wrong with the logic
    2. Do I need to do anything else.

    I checked the system-wide error codes, but nothing matches the funny return code I am seeing.

    FYI, I am using Nokia Series 60 SDK 2.0 and running the app on a Nokia 6600 with Symbian 7.0s.

    Goutham S Mohan

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    Just do a bit search on this forum and you'll find nice amount of sample code that works, or at least work when compiled with SDK 1.2.

    Currently the main problem is thou that with SDK 2.0 you need to use the Log to get the caller number, and that seems to be possible only after you answer the call.

    also I haven't my self got the 6600 recording the call, it basically return -13 everytime I try it, thou the phones recorder app does it, so there is propably a way and if you find it, could you please post solution here as well.


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