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    strings and buffers

    Hi ,
    I am working on porting an application from ER5 to Nokia 9210 platform. I have to do a lot of conversions from char* to TDes16, for example when I want to print a char* string in InfoMsg box.
    But the number of classes (TBuf, TDes TPtr, HBuf and there respective 8 and 16 bit versions)and their interconversions are terrifying.

    Pl advice asap on how I can be able to print a simple char string like
    char * abc = "hi how are you?" ;

    in an EPOC message box, to say the least..


    Posted by sweety godbole, meet_ashwini@yahoo.com
    on April 03, 2002 at 10:20

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    RE: strings and buffers

    Posted by MTIT Support, support@mtit1.at
    on April 03, 2002 at 13:30

    Try this:

    _LIT( HiHowAreYouText, "hi how are you?" ) ;
    iEikEnv->InfoWinL( HiHowAreYouText, TPtrC() ) ;


    iEikEnv->InfoWinL( _L("hi how are you?"), TPtrC() ) ;
    if you dont want to use the text in other places.

    The TPtrC() will be changed to any other string.

    Szabolcs Tolnai

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