I am making a separate web site intended for viewing content on mobile devices that will compliment an existing web site. I want to make it as easy as possible for mobile users to access the mobile site from a url.

What are some standard approaches to providing simple urls for users to access the mobile version of an exisiting web site? I hope to support whatever the user might expect to type to view mobile version of the site, even if they arent sure if there is a mobile version available.

It seems like one approach is to create a new domain:

www.company.com - for large screen browsing
wap.company.com - for mobile browsing

In the imode community you sometimes see subdirectory for site:

www.company.com - for large screen browsing
www.company.com/i/ - for mobile browsing

I suppose I could create the wap domain and add a redirect in the i directory to the wap domain. This would cover the expectations of two audiences.

but is it reasonable to expect mobile device users to enter a domain in the first place?