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    Creting Application package fileNotFound error

    Trying to create application package with kxml and kxmlrpc package
    I have download the source code to my src catalog compiling and running.
    Everything works just fine, the connection to servlet parsing .... work just
    But when i trying to create the jar an jad-files the preverify don't work.
    I have try'd to run preverify.exe directly from a command-line and in this
    case the
    kxlm and kxmlrpc was inluded in the package but running it in my moble-phone
    it doesen't work.
    The folloing message appares when Generating in Nokia Developer Suite J2ME.
    Unable to create Applikation Package
    When i look in catalog C:\Workingfolder\preverified-temp my own package exsist but
    no org package has been genereted.
    Is there anyone that have the same problem or know HowTo: resolve my

    Problem solved
    I finaly solved the problem by myself it seems that Nokias Development Suite J2ME don't support more than one package.
    The soloution for my problem was to rename all package in kxml and kxmlrpc.
    My applicationpackage blue.konto is the package a have created the Midlet in. renaming all org.kxml .... to blue.org.kxml and then
    generate the jar <problem solved>

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