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Thread: MMS Failure

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    MMS Failure

    Can anyone help?
    My 6600 wil not let me select mms sending. It has been set up correctly by vodaphone uk, but still nothing. If you select mms message from menu the phone does nothing except return back to main page.

    Mike (Winchester)

    It has been suggested that there is a software fault with the phone, can it be rectified by a download.

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    Hi Mike

    Strange problem.
    I've never seen that happen before. The closest problem I can think of is... when I have no configurations set-up in the phone and then choosing the "new message" ->> "Multimedia message"... this shows an error "No valid access point defined. Define now? and choosing "No" takes you back to the main Messaging client window.

    I think the best thing would be for you to take the phone back to your Carrier's Support Center for a software update. The phone's messaging client cannot be updated via an OTA download. Native applicaitons such as these must be updated with special equipment (which they usually have at the Service Centers where you purchase or repair phones). Call your Carrier's customer service to see where you can get a software upgrade on your phone.

    Good luck.

    ~quyen / Forum Nokia

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