I am basically, trying to develop networking applicaiton for Nokia series 60. I am using Borland C++BuilderX and Series 60 Borland Version 1.2 SDK. My Problem is actually configuring the emulator to use internet using RAS in win 2000 as i have my PC on LAN. i don't have Null Modem Cable so i am trying to do the same using the Virtual serial Port software. I have uninstalled the physical ports and made two virtual ports using that software.. i am able to configure the RAS with that two virtual ports ie comm 1 and comm 2, but when i try to access it from the Emulator it gives me the System error..since comm 1 is the default port which the emulator use, i have changed the emulator comm settings..One of my doubt is that, that emulaotr works with virtual ports or not..

Can anyone tell me that what comm settings of the emulator i have to change and where i am going worng..

thanx and regards