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    MMS on 6220 GSM vs 6225 CDMA

    Is the messaging software for MMS handling the same within the various network flavors of Nokia phones (6220 GSM vs 6225 CDMA)? For example: If the MMSC in a GSM network will interoperate with the 6220 GSM, will the same MMSC in a CDMA network (assume the MMSC operates the same in either newtrok) work with a 6225 CDMA handset?

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    Not sure what you mean by messaging software.

    But, Yes.
    MMS is standard (as defined by OMA specifications).
    Refer to http://www.openmobilealliance.org/tech/docs/ for the specifications.

    The message encoding is the same. So you can send the same MMS message to a CDMA phone or a GSM phone, as long as the phone supports that content type. For example, some Audio Codecs like QCELP are commonly suppored in CDMA phones, but not used in the GSM world.

    However, currently Carriers (even among the GSM world) are not interconnected. So, there is no way to send MMS messages from one carrier user to a different carrier user. But, this should come soon as the industry progresses.

    ~ quyen / Forum Nokia

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