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    internet stings by sms

    hi ,Does anyone know how can I change the Connection type to High speed in the 9210 (connection details -> Advanced settings -> Data call) whith a smart sms ?
    This smart sms fix the internet conection details in the 9210 but it's not dealing with the advanced settings .
    //siap11 sender name Iname:conection name Itel:the phone number Iuid:username Ipwp:N/Y Ipwdassword Idns1:the praimery dns Idns2:the secondery dns

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    RE: internet stings by sms

    HSCSD settings are carrier dependent. HSCSD settings can't be set in Simple Internet Acces Point (SIAP) settings. Please check Over The Air Settings Specification v6.5 at Forum Nokia. Values can be found at page 11.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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