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    Wap Connection Timeout Error!!

    I have series 60 sdk v1.2 borland version. For accessing the internet from the emulator, as my PC is on LAN, I have successfully configured the RAS on windows 2000.
    When i try to access any wap or web page from the emulaor, the connection gets initaited and established with RAS win 2000 and i can see the Icon of incoming connection in the task bar. The emulator keep on browsing and finally it gives the error "WAP connection time out".
    I have changed the connection from "Temprary" to "Continious" in RAS PPP settings and in data call settings the autodisconnect time to "Nolimit". But this didn't worked out. I have also tried to change the Wap Gateway IP address to the IP address of the RAS server, but it also not working.
    Can anyone tell me that what is the problem and what changes is suppose to be made.

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    Same issue


    I think i am experiencing the same issue, let me bring a few more information:

    I have spent some time going through all the discussion, I am quite confident that my code is correct.

    I use 1 socket in connection oriented mode (TCP) with active objects. It seems that the connection is established as I receive the server's ACK (ethereal on network), but my program doesn't consider it, and so I never really send data.

    Does someone have any idea?



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    have you solved those timeout errors? I tried to access a wap page from emulator not using RAS but mRouterLite. I see that something is done im mRouterLite window, but after short time I have TimeOut error!!!! I dont see any packets in ethereal! I saw in mRouterLite IPCP (Internet Protocol Control Protocol) and LCP (Link Control Protocol) trace so it looks that PPP connection is about to be established. What is wrong?

    BTW how do you set RAS? It is better than using mRoterLite?

    Thanx for your answer.
    Bye STeN

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    hi, all

    is the problem settled? if you settle it, can you tell me about it?

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