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    MMS Notification via SIR


    Im trying to send an MMS using SI push (SIR).
    What i'm trying to achieve is to be able to download the MMS using the WAP-settings and thus bypassing the handset MMS-settings. (And thus making MMS operator independant).
    I've been able to setup this transaction for the MMS notification, but the handset drops the GPRS WAP session and the MMS UA reconnects using the MMS setting.
    Can anyone help?


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    I dunno if I can help. But I do know a few things...
    If you are sending a standard "m-notification-ind" it is logical that the terminal would try to connect using the MMS Client. This message prompts MMS Client to attempt to fetch an MMS message. MMS messages recieved to the phone in any other way will not be understood/accepted by the MMS Client. For example, if you bluetooth a .mms to your terminal, the MMS Client will not recognize this as an MMS message.

    Also, here are some old postings on this topic...

    ~quyen / Forum Nokia

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    Thx Quyen. Let me clarify a few things.

    Via "Service Indication"-Push, it should be possible to download data to an SIA (Service Indication Application). (Identified as the si-id in the SIR). At least this is what i hope for. In this manner, i will be able to download MMS via a users WAP-settings, not his MMS-settings. Since MMS settings are ususally locked to operators MMSC, and dont allow WAP traffic to public addresses. I Don´t think i´ve got the whole picture right though, i seem to be missing some pieces of the puzzle.
    I have a few possible solution.
    1.) Direction of the data to MMS-UA must be done in th SIR.
    2.) After connecting to the URL specified in the SIR; The data must have a correct Content-Type.
    3.) The data must be organized in a special way.

    Well some of this might be true, or everything could be false. If you have any suggestion where to go, i will be very thankful..


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