Hi forum(ites)!

Had a query with regards to the 'SMS vs. Data Traffic' dilemma. Please do let me know your thoughts...so, here goes......We, at SoftexDigital (http://www.softexdigital.com) have come up with a new angle to an existing J2ME application. The application will deliver revenue to us via downloads; however we want to generate revenue from the traffic besides the downloads....therefore the following q's?

1. Should we follow the sms model or should we just we use non-sms network traffic (maybe through WAP/GPRS).

2. How much (in % terms) are operators willing to share with the developers of the application?

3. Will it be easier to market (negotiate a revenue sharing deal) for a sms based app to an operator OR for an app which generates non-sms traffic?

4. Lastly, what is more beneficial from the user point of view.

Your answers will go a long way in clearing some issues that we currently have.

Uday Parmar (uday.parmar@softexdigital.com)
BDM - SoftexDigital Ltd.