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    retrieving BCC & NCC in GSM

    Hi everybody?
    I wander if anyone can help me to get these values:
    BCC Basic station Color Code.
    NCC Network Color Code.

    I reviewed etelgsm and etel but I did not find any thing match.
    May be there are other technical names for these tirms...!
    May be I don't know.
    Thanks alot for you time

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    Newer seen colors in network really.. Anyway I think it should be MCC, which propably stands for mobile country code and MNC, which would be the network code.

    very easy to find solutions when you know what you are looking for, check this for example:


    and read the WHOLE over 40 posts before asking any more help, since quite a lot of stuff is explained there already.


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    Thanks alot for your response yucca
    but I've already read the whole board and I haven't seen any thing related to these ideoms.
    these for values which you refer fo into your code are not what I look fore.

    aMcc = NetworkInfo.iNetworkInfo.iId.iMCC;
    aMnc = NetworkInfo.iNetworkInfo.iId.iMNC;
    aLocation = NetworkInfo.iNetworkInfo.iLocationAreaCode;
    aCellId = NetworkInfo.iNetworkInfo.iCellId;

    what I look for was descussed in this link below

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