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    Launch an application and pass a view UID and message


    This may sound complicated, so apologies in advance.

    I wish to do the following:

    My application will be launched with a view UID and message.

    My application will then call another application, but in doing so, it should also pass the same view UID and message which was originally passed to my application.

    To simplify:

    My application, A, is passed with a view UID of 1 and a message of "test".

    A then launches B, and gives a view UID of 1 and a message of "test".

    If my application A is passed with a view UID of 3 and a message of "testing123", then the A launches B and passes a view UID of 3 and a message of "testing123".

    I hope I've made this clear enough

    Finally, is this possible without knowing the UID of Application B, and instead, using the file path? (e.g. C:\system\apps\test\test.app)

    Thanks for your help. I'm a beginner to Symbian OS programming so any links or code examples will be a great help.
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    You can catch the values ijn your DoActivateL() function and there you could use them to call the next application, the problem thou is that as soon as the second view is activayed the first one will be deactivated, dunno really would that couse any problems to your application, try and see.

    In case yuo don't know the application UID, at least the RApaLsSession would allow you to find the app and then get it's UID.


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    Here is some sample code on how to start an app without knowing its UID

    			RApaLsSession ls;
    			TInt err;
    			TThreadId threadId;
    			err = ls.Connect();
    			err = ls.StartDocument(KVideoApp, threadId);
    In this code, KVideoApp is the text string of the app to start, ie:
    _LIT(KVideoApp, "z:\\system\\apps\\camcorder\\camcorder.app");

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