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    File '' Corrupted error

    Hi There,

    Has anyone else been getting an 'File '' Corrupted' error when trying to download midlet on their 3650 phone with AT&T service?

    I'm doing J2ME development on the Nokia 3650, using Borland's JBuilder 9,
    and my whole build/deploy process has always worked fine,
    until last friday, when I now get systematically an 'File '' Corrputed error' when trying to do an OTA install.
    As before, if I do an IRA install of the .jar/.jad files, things work smoothly.
    So, for some reason, it looks like the wap connection on AT&T's side is doing some nasty things to my .jar file which makes it look like corrupted when it gets to my cellphone.

    Yes, our server has set up correctly the .jar/.jad mime types.
    As a matter of fact, if I try to download the same midlet OTA
    on the same phone (Nokia3650) but setup with T-Mobile,
    the install works just fine.

    Now, the weird part, I seem to be able to download and install successfully other third party midlets that I can found on the web.

    Oh, even weirder: I've created a second connection point on my AT&T phone, one that is not wap, but a simple direct internet connection (GPRS, access point name=proxy,
    gateway: and the OTA install *WORKS FINE*.

    So, the apparent conclusion (but I realize this is only based on appearances) is that the midlet files (.jar, ..jad) files produced by Borland JBuilder used to work fine for OTA over AT&T wireless WAP connection, but somehow, as of sometime last week, those file get messed up.....

    I've tried recompiling/regenerating the files a hundred times.
    Tried installing the lastest Borland JBuilder X.
    Tried old .jar and .jad files from a few weeks ago that I know has been successfully installed OTA back end
    (they fail today).

    Thanks for any suggestion/tidbits or even your own failed experience with OTA over ATT's wap connection,


    Denis Amselem

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    This is error which is diplayed when actual jar file size and jar file size in jad file do not match each other

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    Thx for the suggestion, but this isn't it. Yes, I know about this, but in my case the size described in the .jar file does match exactly the actual size of the .jar file.
    Anyway, if they didn't, I would never have been to install the midlet in the past / nor thru Irda either.

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    Pb fixed

    In case anyone cares:

    Ok, I found what was happening: it had to do with the server config.

    I did have the .htaccess file set up correctly with:
    AddType application/java-archive .jar
    AddType text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor .jad

    AND my httpd.conf had the 'AllowOverride All' option on,

    BUT it was set up for a default root directory that wasn't including
    the directory I am using for distributing the midlet. duh.

    So, adding a new <Directory "....."> AllowOverride All </Directory>
    for the correct path and restarting Apache fixed up my problem.

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