I see that the Music Player on my US-model 3300 (3300b) displays a globe-like icon and lists a "Music downloads" menu option for certain MP3 tracks I've downloaded, but not others. I've looked at MP3 files that do and do not provoke this behavior, but could not see a significant difference between their metadata.

What is the Music Player software looking for in each audio file that tells it whether or not to display this icon and option? The user manual says only "... select ... *Music downloads* to connect to the WAP address attached to the current track. This function is only available when a WAP address is attached to the current track."

How do I "attach" a "WAP address?" Is a "WAP address" just a URL, and if so, where or how do I "attach" it? (And do I use screws, nails, or glue? ) Thanks.