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    How to get a string


    This is my problem:

    my application launches a query with a text input. I want to assign this text input to iAdditionalMenu as shown below. I do not know whether it is right or not. I do not know whether I should use a fuction as SetTextL or any other. In that case, please, explain me how to do it.

    It is very important for me.
    Tahnk you very much.

    TBuf<256> iAdditionalMenu;
    TBuf <20> addString;

    CAknTextQueryDialog* dlg = new (ELeave) CAknTextQueryDialog(addString);

    iAdditionalMenu = addString;
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    So if i understand correctly you just want to copy text from addString to iAdditionalMenu ?

    If this is valid, you can do it:

    Check also SDK help, it explains all classes, also this TBuf class and it's base class ("Inherited from TDes16:"). You are able to type 'TDes16' in visual studio editor and click F12 to see the header file...there is lot of usefull methods available.

    After Append method you have same string in two buffers and the second one is quite huge...what wasting of memory :-)

    BTW: TBuf is able to clear within command Zero()

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