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    Customize SELECT_Command for List

    Here, probably a simple question, but I haven't figured out a way to do this yet.

    I would like to customize or make my own select command for items on a MULTIPLE List. Why? Because the default command gets put under "options" soft button and the first impulse a user will most likely get, is to immediately push the "insert" command (which I also happen to have) without marking the item. So, what I would like to do, is make a command that marks the item on a multiple list and then find a good placement for it.

    I was thinking of using something lke list.setSelectedIndex(index, true), but how would I know which item the cursor is currently on? Is there a method that tells which list item is currently focused. Or is there another way? ...or no way?..

    Thanks in advance for everyone's input.

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    Determining which item (in a List) the cursor is on?

    Just wanted to follow-up on this - has anyone managed to figure this out?

    I want to set a Form.setItemStateListener(ItemStateListener) on a list, but this method is only for Form objects - is there any other way of determining when the User sets/changes the focus on a List item?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I think the only way to do that is to implement a "custom list".
    Something like in this article:

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    I want to know has any smart worked this around?

    I have the same sucking problem!

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