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    Error code 0x80000001 (-2147483647) on UDP send


    I downloaded example (file Tcpudp_app.zip, file engine.cpp )
    to work with TCP/UDP socket from server (TCP/UDP Sample Application¡¯s Specifications) and run it in my emulator (debug) on my PC.

    1. After call the method SendTo() I got status is
    0x80000001 (-2147483647):
    // iStatus = 0 before
    iSocket.SendTo(iSendData, iSendAddr, 0, iStatus);
    // iStatus = 0x80000001 after
    2. Then program gets control in method
    where iStatus is -3006.
    Here is program stops.

    I run my Visual C++ program to double check
    that server and port. It worked Ok.

    What it mean return code -3006 during write operation
    to UDP port and status 0x80000001 after call SendTo?
    How can I get rid of this problem?

    Where can read more about return codes or status in
    Symboan OS?

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