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    sdk3.0 with vb.net

    hi guys, i'm trying to develop a vb.net program with sdk3.0. The program should retrieve the sms from a nokia phone and do some text parsing with it. Is vb.net working fine with sdk3.0. Or other language such as c++,java is preffered?

    Any recommended phone to work on it? i was thinking of 7250,6220. There isn't much support for sdk3.0 with vb.net. Any recommended site?

    Any reply will be appreciated.

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    Sorry to say, but you propably wont get too much support from this site, simply because this is SYMBIAN discussion forum, so most people here are symbian programmers, and propably wont have any glue what you are talking about.

    So try locate a discussion board that is specific for your programming domain and ask your questions there again.


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