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    backlight stays on


    I have a question about the DeviceControl.setLights() method. I call it only once in my application (where I pass it the parameters 0, 100), in a particular instance where there may not be any user interaction for a period of time but I don't want the backlight to be turned off. The rest of the application it's ok for the backlight to be switched off automatically if there is no interaction.

    However, it seems that in both the Nokia 7210 emulator, and the Nokia 6610 phone I have to test on, both keep the backlight on indefinitely after I make this call. Is there some way I can resume "default" behaviour of the backlight being switched off by the system if there isn't any user interaction for a while?



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    Use the the same method with the parameters (0,0)... This turns the lights off until the user clicks on a key, and then resumes normal behaviour of the backlight.

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