I just wanted to write here the solution for my S60 SDK application icon problem. My problem was that I didn't get any errors etc. but the emulator was just always showing the default icon for my application.

My problem was that the icon bitmap size was wrong ! I had the same size than for N9210.

One more time, the procedure is:
1. create 32x32 icon + mask
2. create mbm:
bmconv /hmyApp.h myApp.mbm /c8myApp.bmp /2myApp_mask.bmp
3. create AIF:
aiftool myApp myApp.mbm
copy myApp.aif to \epoc32\release\wins\udeb\z\system\apps\myApp

An other way to do this for S60 is to use AIF builder. Unfortunately it supports now only Crystal/Quartz. I used crystal but could produce only small icons (25x20), bigger ones do not work.

Thanks for all who helped me!

- Marko

Posted by Marko Torpo, marko.torpo@westhouse.biz
on April 26, 2002 at 17:34