Hi !

I've installed the C++ Builder Nokia Edition and I have problems building a application.

It is important that the directory with the C++ Builder project is on the same drive as the epoc sdk. The EPOCROOT variable must not contain a drive letter and if the project is on a different drive thet epoc installation is not found. Is this mentioned in the installation guide somewhere ?

Now I can compile the project but I get the following messages and no .app file is generated. I don't see an error message anywhere and have no clue what is going wrong:

+ SDK: Series 60 SDK 1.2 for Symbian OS
+ Project: H:\develop\Hello3bor\Hello3bor_Sources.bpr
+ Target : \Symbian\Series60_1_2_B\epoc32\release\winsb\udeb\z\system\apps\Hello3bor\Hello3bor.app
+ Current Directory : H:\develop\Hello3bor\
+ Command: cmd /c perl -S abldb.pl make winsb udeb
+ abld resource winsb udeb
+ abld makefile winsb
+ abld library winsb
+ abld target winsb udeb
+ abld final winsb
+ abld -check build winsb udeb
+ build complete.
+ Read buffered data.
+ 0 lines of buffered data.
+ Project Build failed.

Can anybody help me with this problem ?