What part am I missing when I upload a Java application to the Communicator?

the Hello.aif,app,pkg,txt,jar all live in

the Hello.pkg file is as follows:

the Hello.txt file is as follows:
-cp j:\hello\helloapp.jar Hello

the makesis command I'm using is as follows:
makesis D:\Symbian\6.0\NokiaJava\Epoc32\Wins\c\System\Apps\hello\Hello.pkg

The Hello.SIS gets built, I double click it and it autolunches the transfer
program. It gets transfered to the Communicator extras as "hello" I select it to run and it tells me "not found".

Can you tell me where I have gone wrong?


Posted by Gary Schatz ,
on April 26, 2002 at 21:18