I realise that this issue has already been raised some time ago, and although there have been little or no follow-ups on the matter, I thought I'd ask the same questions once again, just in case somebody has gotten any further with them.

Is it at all possible to utilize the soft indicators described in chapter 5.10.5 in Series 60 UI Style Guide by Nokia? It seems to me that any information on the subject has been intentionally cleaned up from all the available documentation besides the style guide.

I'm in the middle of designing a Series 60 application and in desperate need for a means to notify the user about events that have occurred in a discrete manner, without interrupting whatever he/she was going about or requiring him/her to interact. A dialog or a notifier needs interaction and may be annoying at times, and the soft indicator seemed to be the perfect solution. The bottom line is to show the user a message without popping up a dialog or bringing the application to the foreground.

If anyone has had any success trying to find out how soft indicators work, could you please point me to the right direction. I would also appreciate any ideas of how to handle the situation some other way. Also, if you are 100% sure that the soft indicators are not and will not be available from within client applications, please put me out of my misery.

Thanks in advance,