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    3 different formats to send a vcard

    I noticed that there were 3 formats to send vCard over SMS:

    - '//SCKL23F400E...' format (described in many posts)

    - '//SCKE2...' format (described in the document CIMDandSmartMessaging1.pdf)

    - '06 05 04 23 F4 00 00 ...' (described in question 14 of the FAQs)

    Did Nokia specified these 3 formats ?
    Which one is called 'smart message'?
    Do you have any information comparing them?

    What mobile phones implement one of these 3 formats ?

    Thank you very much

    Dan Ouaki

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    I answer my own question. Hope it would help....

    - '//SCKE2' and '//SCKL23F4' formats can send business cards (vCards) using 'Narrow-Band Socket'. Mobiles that do not support WDP-over-SMS send business cards this way. It is used by old Nokia mobiles that support b'card over Smart Message and some non-Nokia mobiles (for instance SE P800).
    This format is interpreted by all the Nokia mobiles.
    '//SCKE2' is the oldest format, able to send short vCard (that fits one SMS).
    '//SCKL23F4' is a newer format, it supports concatenation.

    - '0x06050423F40000' format is used to send WAP vCard (or vCard-over-WDP). In this case, the UDH contains 7 bytes (0605...) that announce a vCard (port 9204 = 0x23F4). This format is supported by many lastly released Nokia phones and maybe other ones.

    May somebody send the list of mobiles that send vCards over '//SCKL23F4', '//SCKE2' or WAP vCard formats ?
    May somebody send the list of mobiles that interpreted any of these 3 formats ?

    Thank you

    Dan Ouaki

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    Hi douaki,

    I'm having difficulty in sending vcard thru sms when it exceeds 160 chars. How should i use the header //SCKL23F4 to concat the chars beyond the 160. Below is an example of what i send. I send this as one sms only. I hope you can help me.

    FN:enna maexxxxxxx


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