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    Nokia 3650 refuses to play MIDIs I download as ringtones

    Hi. I downloaded some MIDI files onto my Nokia 3650, with the intention of setting them as ringtones. When I go to Profiles->RingingTone, and hover over the new .mid files, it plays them flawlessly. However, when I actually set the ringtone to that MIDI and get a call, the default "Nokia tune.mid" ringtone plays instead!

    I've tried shrinking the file-size, converting to SP-MIDI format, and other things, but I can't seem to be able to get it to work.

    It's especially strange because the phone is clearly capable of playing these new MIDIs, but just refuses to when I actually get a call... any ideas? Thanks a lot.


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    Are you sure that you have placed your MIDIs into the right folder in the file system? MIDIs should be in "Digital" -folder.

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    Yes that was exactly the problem! I was downloading it the "Simple" directory... definitely something that should be in the documentation somewhere (unless I didn't look carefully enough)

    Anyway, it works! Thanks for you help.

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