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    Content Upload - Series 60 - xHTML

    Hi Guys,

    I am having a question regarding Content upload through a form, in this particular matter it is Images, to a Web Server on Series 60 Mobile Devices, like 6600 - can be others Models too. I was checking some entries in this forum and found out from a link which leads to a PDF File that certain Series 40 Mobile Devices (3200, 6220,..) support this by <input type=file .... > and a corresponding script may it be CGI, ASP or PHP.

    Is this Content Upload, <input type=file ...> supported in the Series 60 Mobile Devices too?

    If i would to write a code in xHTML would it open a list of images stored on the Mobile Device and let me choose one to send to a Web Server.

    Would kindly appreciate any satisfying replies

    Kind Regards


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    The <input type=file> element is not supported all the Series 60 devices.

    Check last information from Characteristic document which products support content upload.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support
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    Thanks Sami

    Hi Sami,

    Thanks a lot for your Reply.

    Bummer! So i assume the only way is to send those Images by MMS to an Email on that Web Server?

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    Image Upload Server API v1.1

    There is a secification for an image upload server (basically a web server):

    I have implemented a simple Java Servlet and it is possible to upload images from my 6600 Gallery application over GPRS to a server on the internet.

    What I would really like to know is if there is some sort of a specification for the download part. The API I mentioned covers download too, but the phone does not seem to support that. When I choose download from the phone Gallery application and it connects to a server, what is the phone expecting to receive from the server?


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