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    SDK V2.0 works better than V1.2 on bluetooth issues?

    Hi evrybody,

    please give me some ideas if u know a little bit:

    Does SDK V2.0 work better on bluetooth aspect?
    Currently I am using SDK V1.2,and want to"" set up and using the bluetooth Testing Environment for Series 60 platform"".As required,I installed the DTL-X driver to emulate the DTL-4 and Bluetooth USB Adapter.When I attempted to use emulator via bluetooth to communicate with Nokia 3650,it fails as "System Error"
    Therefore I am thinking about whether for SDK 2.0 case,the emulator can communicate easier and better via bluetooth with another remote bluetooth device?For example,the DTL-X is not required etc?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We are in a process of finalizing new instructions for the Series 60 SDK v2.0. Here are quick hints:

    -Emulator supports HCI H4 and BCSP versions
    -> Bluetooth cards and serial devices (e.g. Casira dev kit) supporting H4 or BCSP can be used, if...

    ...they can be installed as a COM port (refer to earlier 'Setting Up...' doc for installation procedure)
    ...they support 115.2kbps data rate required by the emulator
    ...you have a powerful workstation (Pentium4 with >2GHz is highly recommended to avoid AKN timeout problems with the Bluetooth HW). PCI-PCMCIA adapters like Swapbox should work fine with the PC cards.

    If your Bluetooth HW supports H4, you need to change the hci name to hci_h4.dll in bt.esk file (by default, a BCSP version, hci.dll, is chosen). Please remember also to change the COM port number in bt.esk file.

    Please note that even Socket 'G' card supports BCSP, it cannot be used because of its high-speed driver requirement (it does not support 115.2kbps required by the emulator).

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