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    Nokia series 40 MIDI issues

    I know my series 40 phone is capable of playing more than 4
    simultaneous voices, but there seems to be some limitation because more
    complex MIDIs with certain combinations of instruments can cause a MIDI
    to not play at all. I've tried it on my friend's (brand new) series 40
    phone -- exact same problem.

    It's not that the byte size of the MIDI is too big, either. Sometimes
    a larger file size will play fine and a smaller file size won't.

    Has anyone determined which instruments can *consistently* be played by
    these phones (say, MIDIs with more than 4 voices at a time) so that it
    does not cause a problem? Or, does anybody know which instruments
    (program change messages) tend to be problematic?

    It's way too much trouble to test every single MIDI ... so would like
    some guideline if possible.

    Thanks much. Josh

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    What phone we are talking about here? You could send the problematic MIDI file to smart.messaging@nokia.com and I will take a look at it.

    Talking about the guidelines, have you checked our MIDI document?

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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