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    Problem with IAP Table

    Hi all,

    I'm trying insert a new record in the IAP Table. My code look that:

    m_table = m_db->OpenTableLC(TPtrC(IAP));
    TInt r = m_table->InsertRecord(WIARecordId);
    if (r) RDebug::Print(_L("Error (%d)"), r);

    m_table->WriteTextL(TPtrC(COMMDB_NAME), _L("myconn"));
    m_table->WriteTextL(TPtrC(IAP_SERVICE_TYPE), TPtrC(OUTGOING_WCDMA));
    m_table->WriteUintL(TPtrC(IAP_SERVICE), 3);
    r = m_table->PutRecordChanges();
    if (r) RDebug::Print(_L("Error (%d)"), r);

    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // m_table

    All it's ok, but the PutRecordChanges return a -1 error code ("System. System Error"). If I do the same with other table, all works fine.

    Can anyone help me, please?

    Thank you,


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    Had the same problem and it is because Nokia simply does not stick to any rules. The following code works, just fill out every stupid column.

    error = view->InsertRecord(iapId);

    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(COMMDB_NAME), iapName->Des());
    view->WriteUintL(TPtrC(IAP_SERVICE), gprsId);
    view->WriteUintL(TPtrC(IAP_NETWORK_WEIGHTING), 0);
    view->WriteUintL(TPtrC(IAP_NETWORK), nId);
    view->WriteUintL(TPtrC(IAP_BEARER), ...);
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(IAP_BEARER_TYPE), TPtrC(MODEM_BEARER));
    view->WriteUintL(TPtrC(IAP_LOCATION), 2);
    error = view->PutRecordChanges(EFalse, EFalse);

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