Trying to learn this stuff from scratch.

I understand the 7210 will not support java script.

Are there open source examples of java based browsers that will run on the 7210?

Is there a way to "view source" on a 7210 browser? I want to see what the location based data calls look like. The phone carriers restrict that information when you look at the pages over the wired network using a PC.


Here is what I want to do for a traffic application (or avoiding traffic application):

1. Create an "etch a sketch" (list) of the cells I travel through on the normal (plan a) 20 mile commute to work e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

2. Create an "etch a sketch" (list) of the cells I travel through on the plan B 22 mile commute to work e.g.1,2, 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,9,10.

3. Populate a data base on a server with cell residence times as I travel to work.

4. Populate a data base in the phone correlating either trip duration with sum of residence times from the two choices: path a or path b. OR estimated time of arrival based on residence time in cells remaining on the path to work.

5. Identify the best path to work before the branch point in cell 2 using data others have put into the server data base.

6. Communicate the information to the driver by playing either "The A Train" for path A, or "Billie's Bounce" for path B.

7. Communicate the likely ETA for the path selected.

8. Allow the driver to call ahead with a personal traffic data supported ETA so that meetings or dinner plans can be adjusted. Note: this call should not mess up the cell residence data being populated for other users who might like to choose a different route.